Kendo Basic Footwork
Footwork is very important in kendo, determining wether you are able strike when an opening presents itself and much more.

Basic foot placement is with both feet parallel about one foot length apart. The illustration on the left shows the method to place your feet in the correct spacing and alignment. The left foot is slightly raised. Weight evenly distributed between the right foot and the balls of your feet of the left foot.
Suri-ashi / Okuri-ashi: footwork is the basic footwork practiced in kendo today. As a beginner suri-ashi is both simple, and advanced footwork. Understanding why we need to step in this manner will become clear the more you understand kendo striking. In order for striking to be successful footwork must be as natural as possible, without thinking your stepping must match the goal of each strike.
Suri-ashi / Okuri-ashi: stepping: Step forward by pushing off with the LEFT foot, then quickly bringing your left foot back into the beginning foot position.

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